Go Spicy, Go Fit And Healthy

Go Spicy, Go Fit And Healthy

Proper diet and regular exercise plus a healthy lifestyle are unarguably the best ways to achieve optimum health. In addition to this, some people turn into herbal products, supplements, or dietary pills to lose weight at the same time.

How about something that can help you achieve your health and weight goals a little faster?

We are talking about the wonder spice called CUMIN.

The magic words you want to hear? Yes. It promotes weight loss. Cumin reduces accumulation of fat and help in both weight loss and stabilization.

Cuminum cyminum aka Cumin is just like a regular spice. It is both in powder and seed and taste like nut or pepper. It has been used by many as an alternative to black pepper and now, it is again gaining popularity with the world knowing its weight loss capabilities.

Here are the benefits of including Cumin in your meals:

  1. Less body fat

    – a research in the University of Medical Sciences in Iran shows that women who add cumin to their diet lost more or less 10% body fat than those who stick with regular diet without it.

  2. Better sleep

    – Two in one. Cumin is helpful in treating insomnia. You sleep better and thus, you will experience less craving. Less intake of food equals lesser calories to burn.

  3. Blood Sugar Balancing

    – Cumin increases you cell’s sensitivity to glucose and insulin. It ensures that your body reacts well to them. It will decrease your craving for carbs by making you feel full and satisfied longer.

  4. Cleanses

    – This spice contains antioxidants. It is also good in absorption of cholesterol that might be harmful to your digestive system.

  5. Speeds up digestion

    – Basic spice reaction, you will produce more salivary glands. It will get your digestive juices flowing and starts primary digestion right away.

There are various way you can add cumin to your diet. You can make add it to roasted veggies, or salads, or make it into a tea or soup, make it a pepper alternative, add it to rice, and so many more. Go ahead and give that health a little more push.

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